About Us

Sukapawadee Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009 from a passion in many benefits of goat milk to skin. We determine to develop our soap formulas to attain the high quality and safety of natural handmade goat milk soap for beautiful and healthy skin with studying the features and attributes of goat milk soaps in the market and bringing the customer needs to be our goals. We proceed our business by having the best natural handmade goat milk soap in Thailand to be our vision and our missions are customer focus, quality, integrity and innovation.

Sopreme, we are delicate in all processes to the best consequence of quality natural handmade goat milk soap. We started working with Research & Development (R&D) leaded by a team of pharmacists to assure customers the quality of our products. The quality goat milk is well selected from our relative’s farm. After that, we refine goat milk until it becomes creamy by our special process which it can still preserve beneficial nutrients for skin and then coat with polymer to protect benefits of goat milk from stir soap process. Finally, we add other high quality ingredients to balance and moisten your skin. We had dedicated and worked hard for long time to get a unique bar soap enriched with Vitamin A, B2, C and E from concentrated goat milk to nourish and soften your skin smoothly. And with being natural liposome of goat milk, it helps absorption into the skin more effectively.

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